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CIBC Mellon is a Canadian company exclusively focused on the investment servicing needs of Canadian institutional investors and international institutional investors into Canada. As at March 31, 2022, CIBC Mellon had more than CAD$2.5 trillion of assets under administration on behalf of banks, pension funds, investment funds, corporations, governments, insurance companies, foreign insurance trusts, foundations and global financial institutions whose clients invest in Canada.
CIBC Asset Management (CIBC AM) is the asset management subsidiary of CIBC. Dedicated to being the leader in client relationships, CIBC AM provides a range of high-quality investment management services and solutions to retail and institutional investors. Offerings include a comprehensive platform of mutual funds, strategic managed portfolio solutions, discretionary investment management services for high-net-worth individuals, and institutional portfolio management. CIBC AM is one of Canada’s largest asset management firms, with over $185 billion in assets under administration as of June 2022.

Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions. Our deep risk expertise, expansive information resources, and innovative application of technology help our clients confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. We are known for our industry-leading and award-winning solutions, made up of research, data, software, and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. We create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide, with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach, and focus on meeting customer needs.

MFS Investment Management serves investors all across the globe through offices in nine major financial centres – Boston, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. What sets MFS apart from other managers is that we have aligned our active investment approach and how we serve clients with a sole purpose: to create long-term value responsibly. Through that sense of responsibility and the strength of our investment platform, we strive to protect our investors’ assets and our clients’ reputations.
Our powerful investment approach combines collective expertise, thoughtful risk management and long-term discipline to uncover investment opportunities that drive sustainable value for investors. We call this Active Intelligence®, and we support it with our distinct culture of shared values and collaboration. That means bringing together teams of diverse thinkers to actively debate ideas, assess material risks and uncover what we believe are the best investment opportunities in the market.
MFS offers an array of institutional strategies and vehicles including separate accounts and pooled funds. Our client base includes defined benefit and defined contribution/capital accumulation plans, endowments and foundations and sub-advisory relationships.
MFS’ experienced defined contribution specialists understand the challenges posed by shifts in the capital markets and regulatory changes. We are committed to helping clients meet these challenges by providing long term focused investment strategies, flexible investment vehicles and perspectives on the retirement and financial markets.

Cortland Credit is a leading Canadian asset manager focused on short-term private debt. We provide financing solutions to established companies across Canada, the US and Western Europe looking to scale and develop their business.

Our expertise and collective experience in the field allow us to leverage deep origination networks and operate across the spectrum of borrowers, evaluating opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Our conservative underwriting is underpinned by strong collateral support and detailed oversight of our borrower’s operations, giving assurance to ourselves and our investors of the protection of their capital. At Cortland, we focus on senior-secured, floating rate loans that are generally less than 1 year in term, as we believe this asset class offers the best risk-adjusted returns available in private debt markets. The strategy attracts most of its AUM from Canadian institutions that use this strategy for diversification, yield enhancement and duration mitigation.

Canadian Urban is one of Canada’s most respected real estate investment managers. Since 1971, we have operated on the fundamental principles of integrity, professionalism and performance. Our investment portfolio consistently ranks favourably in terms of performance when measured independently against our peers. Institutional, international and high net worth clients have long profited from Canadian Urban’s specialized knowledge and expertise in Canada’s major real estate markets.

With offices in Toronto and Edmonton, Canadian Urban is active in the industrial, office, retail and residential sectors. Our strategic advice and guidance – coupled with solid in-house research and analysis – have allowed our clients to consistently achieve solid returns, in accordance with their risk/return mandates. Canadian Urban’s team of Advisors leverages our experience and extended network of partnerships to match your needs with the right investment opportunities. Diligent in-house research and analysis capabilities enhance our decision making abilities at every turn.

As an independently owned and operated investment firm, we are afforded greater flexibility and latitude when it comes to building our portfolio. We take great pride in our ability to avoid conflicting mandates that can encumber other firms. This is of critical importance in today’s highly competitive real estate investment environment.

Fidelity Canada Institutional serves a diversified client base across all major asset classes, focusing on corporate and public defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, endowments and foundations, insurance companies, MEPPS and financial institutions. Built on over 50 years of serving the needs of institutional investors worldwide, we offer active and risk-controlled disciplines including; Canadian, U.S., international and global equity, fixed-income, asset allocation, real estate and custom solutions.

Philosophy and Approach
The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is the belief that outstanding research drives results.
We believe in fundamental bottom-up research that is focused on identifying opportunities that offer stable growth through an investment cycle. Combined with prudent risk management and portfolio construction expertise, this allows us to offer best-in-class solutions aligned with our clients’ interests.

Research Excellence

  • Our global research capabilities and portfolio construction expertise allows us to combine investment insights and our unique perspectives into actionable solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Proprietary Insights & Unrivalled Access

  • Exclusive access to in-house research, unavailable to others.
  • Unparalleled access to company management, central bankers and policymakers around the world.
  • Our analysts carry out on-the-ground research—visiting companies and speaking to customers, competitors, suppliers and independent experts to gain conviction.

360° Views on Companies

  • We combine insights from equity and credit research to form a 360° view on companies.

Client-Focused Alignment

  • A commitment to understanding each client’s business, goals and expectations
  • Long-term value creation aligned with our clients’ goals
  • A client-service culture focused on accountability, accessibility and transparency

We have the experience to develop the investment solutions that are right for you. 

The CAIA Association is a global professional credentialing body dedicated to creating greater alignment, transparency, and knowledge for all investors, with a specific emphasis on alternative investments. A Member-driven organization representing professionals in more than 95 countries, CAIA Association advocates for the highest ethical standards. The organization provides unbiased insight on a broad range of investment strategies and industry issues, key among them being efforts to bring greater diversification to portfolio construction decisions to achieve better long-term investor outcomes. To learn more about the CAIA Association and how to become part of the organization’s mission, please visit

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